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Low typical applications: used in high frequency handling, accurate positioning, parts assembly, etc. Move the heavier components into inside the product for installation, especially suitable for path from tetragonal or below into the homework.

Low: rigid arm bar can be smoothly received parts from incoming state, flip to suitable for installation.

Low safety device: expired, wrong operation, protection, over pressure alarm, the safety limit, disc brakes, buffer storage tanks and other security agencies.

Special configuration: low gas, dust and other special occasions explosion-proof homework.

Low main models: PC host, rigid arm, various forms of control.

Low power specifications: 0.4-0.7 Mpa oil-free compressed air.

Low load specifications: 20-300 kg.

Low dedicated fixture: simulate human fingers and arm movements, firmly grasping objects, and easily implement reverse posture transformation, artifacts and environment to choose depending on the site, has reached the best effect.

Low installation: the ground push mobile, electric car chassis brace (mobile) and safety.

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